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OXIQUIM S.A., is one of the main companies in the integral chemical business of Chile. It participates actively in the distribution and commercialization of chemical and petrochemical products, both in the national market as well as in the foreign market. It is the exclusive representant, and in each one of its subsidiaries, of international companies of renown prestige. The fabrication and commercialization of its chemical products, allows it to provide for the national forestry, mining, fishing, paints, food, textile, tanning, pharmaceutical, plastic and agriculture, industries among others.

The business strategy of the Company is focused on three areas: manufacture (resins division), distribution (commercial division) and maritime terminal (terminals division). For that purpose, the Company has infrastructure in Iquique that is oriented to the commercialization and distribution of chemical products for large and small mining, both national and foreign (Peru and Bolivia mainly) and for different industries in the north of the country, oriented above all to the plastics and polyethylene, the industrial cleaning, fishing, metal mechanic and food industries, among others.

The OXIQUIM maritime terminal is located at the Quintero bay. It has a modern mechanized pier and infrastructure to load and unload large liquid volumes.

With 36 tanks, it possesses a total capacity of over 76.000 m3. It has four truck loading stations, with multiple truck reception infrastructure, being able to fill simultaneously several trucks.

Quilicura is the most important sales center of the Company, and is approved by the environmental and safety organizations of the country, for the storage and distribution of chemical products.

Concepción – in turn – is the center for production and commercialization of resins for the fabrication of wood panels, of which some products which stand out are: formaldehyde urea resins, phenol formaldehyde and Phenol – Resorcinol – Formaldehyde. Here also operates the Coronel Maritime Terminal.

In Puerto Montt products in containers are distributed, mainly corrosive. Their main market is the salmon industry through their processing plants. Another field of attention is constituted by the milk industries located in the X Region.

Its History

In the 50´s SINTEX is born in Viña del Mar, dedicating itself in its beginnings to the fabrication of sodium and auxiliary chemicals for use in the textile and tanning industries. Together with the acquisition of land in the El Salto neighborhood of the same city, its main subsidiary is formed in 1955, OXIQUIM S.A., in partnership with Farmoquímica del Pacífico, with the objective of fabricating and commercializing chemical products.

Its vertiginous growth in the ´60s rendered it being able to expand to Brazil, where it founded in 1974 the Sociedad Química Latino Americana (S.Q.L.A.), taking the commercialization of its products to foreign lands.

Ended the ´70s, SINTEX finishes its development process, transforming itself in a holding or investment company. For this it hands over all of its industrial and commercial activities to OXIQUIM, while acquiring Farmoquímica del Pacífico.

Already in the ´80s, the transformation of OXIQUIM into an Anonimous Society is initiated. It is in this decade also, when it enters the business of the maritime terminals for the loading and unloading, and for the storage of chemical products. With this line of business, the first maritime terminal in Quintero (V Region) is inaugurated, giving way to the construction and operation in 1995 of its second maritime terminal in Coronel (VIII Region).

Seeking to diversify its businesses and to reach more markets, since the decade of the ´90s SINTEX, and then in the year 2000, together with OXIQUIM Inversiones Internacionales Ltda., it has developed a plan of continual growth, concentrated in the founding of a series of owned and subsidiary companies, both in Chile and in the exterior, all of which can be appreciated in the increase of its sales.

Vision and Mission

We have positioned ourselves as leaders in the market because we orient all of our efforts to satisfy the expectations of our clients, giving the products of excellence. Thanks to our competitive and integral solutions of primary products and services, we contribute to the success of you companies, obtaining your preference and trust in the long term.

OXIQUIM S.A. has set itself as a mission the development of a competent organization that seeks to give its clients and stockholders the maximum satisfaction to their needs and expectations. For that, it assigns important resources for the training of its collaborators, which allows to have specialized personnel, and to obtain high quality standards.

Regarding the environmental matter, our Company has adopted the commitment of Conducta Responsable (Responsible Conduct), that allows the permanent perfectioning of its production processes, management and distribution, development of products that are friendly to the labor health and the environment.